WiFi Services

Our team of professional and experienced installers will design and customize a new turnkey wireless network in your office or commercial building.  We provide a comprehensive wifi site survey of your current wireless system, and offer enhancements, support, and repair of the existing wireless network, or install a new custom designed DAS.  Whether your office is in an existing building, or new construction, we can install a whole new system to optimize speed and range that can handle the increased demands for bandwidth and speed, and keep your business performing at optimum efficiency.  Even in large, clustered buildings or offices with brick walls, you can still have great wireless range and signal strength.  A customized DAS (Distributed Antenna System) can help you get the speeds you need to get business done.

Initial Consultation
Customer’s needs are discussed and outlined to provide the best possible solution.  Our in depth consultation will define the direction of the project. 

Wireless Network Site Survey
Each installation is unique and presents its own specific challenges, whether office building or smaller office suites.
Although buildings may be similar in appearance they can be constructed using significantly different materials. Concrete walls effect signal attenuation differently than plaster-based or brick walls. 
Existing wireless devices and open spaces will need to be noted to ensure the proper placement of any new equipment.   We understand this technology, and we are some of the most experienced professionals in DAS design and installation.

After an extensive site survey of your residential or commercial property, IWS will produce a custom tailored solution to optimize wireless signal coverage.

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With your service coverage in mind, we will strategically place wireless antennas, routers and signal extenders to provide a strong wireless signal throughout your residential or commercial building.


A project manager will define a timeline for the completion of the project and provide you with timely status reports. Our professional team of technicians will utilize industry best practices in the installation. 


In order to ensure long-term stability of your new wireless solution, we will calibrate and perform stress testing to ensure the system will run in a state that is not taxing on the equipment. Our engineering team is focused on providing the expertise needed to ensure maximum system up-time.