Contacta S-Supa-M72

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Contacta S-Supa-M72


Information/Transaction Counter Loop System only (Installation not included)

Contacta S-Supa-M72 Includes: A11 Driver, M72 Microphone, SupaLoop Counter Aerial, and power supply.


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Contacta Supa-T Loop hearing loop is designed to be installed on or near the counter or desk, and provides unobtrusive and continual assistance to hearing aid wearers. The system is ideal for use in high traffic areas; for example, at reception counters or information desks, as well as in pharmacies and doctor’s offices. The system is designed to remain ‘ON’ continuously. Hearing aid wearers do not have to request assistance: once inside the field of the hearing loop, they are automatically included as soon as they switch their hearing aid to the ‘T’ position. The only visible element of the system is the blue counter sign, which informs hearing aid wearers that a loop facility is available so they can participate fully in the conversation or transaction. The system is configured for one-to-one conversation involving a counter/service person and the hearing aid wearer. The positioning of the sign controls the extent and direction of the field.

Single Position Counters

At single position counters or reception desks, the signal can be extended or restricted as required.

Multi-Position Counters

Each position has its own induction loop, so privacy is maintained between counters. The system includes the Supa-T Loop sign, amplifier, interconnected cables, microphone, and installation accessories (not including tools).


Product includes:

  • SupaLoop or MonitorLoop aerial unit
  • Stand (for SupaLoop only)
  • A10 Amplifier
  • Adaptor and Power Cord
  • Microphone or Audio interface unit
  • Installation Adhesive
  • Instruction of use
  • Wire management clips

Key Features:

  • Extremely high ability to overcome metal loss
  • Insensitive to vibrations
  • Insensitive to extreme temperatures
  • Adaptable for limited space
  • 12-50 VDC
  • High output current, 10-30A rms (power supply related)
  • Balanced and isolated inputs (with and without transformers)
  • Rugged dip-switch level settings
  • Isolated opto-coupler outputs for input and output signal check (diagnostic test)