Contacta Portable InfoLoop


Contacta Portable InfoLoop


Contacta PIL, Portable InfoLoop. Dimensions: 4.3"x10.8"x9.8". Weight: 1.76lbs. Color: Matt Black.

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The portable loop system is easy to carry and can be simply set up for use in a matter of seconds.

The Contacta portable info loop system has been designed specifically to aid communication with hearing loss individuals who have “T-coils” in their hearing aids or cochlear implant.

The system consists of two components: the main unit, stylishly constructed from robust ABS plastic, and a plug-in power adapter for charging purposes. The unit incorporates a rechargeable battery system to maintain performance at its peak. The battery will give a minimum of 8 hours use and is monitored at all times using standby mode, incorporating a two color display to show battery status. The status LED display will flash with speech. The unit is fully operational at all times and may still be used when recharging becomes necessary.

The system provides an exceptionally cost-effective solution where temporary one on one discussions are in need of an induction loop.

No installation works required
Simple, neat solution
No trailing wires or set up
Neat and compact
Unobtrusive, effective, inclusive
Lightweight, easy to carry
Built in mic and rechargeable battery
Provides min 8 hours usage
Battery status and operation LED display
Mic input for accessories

Technical Data
Internal microphone
Connections, auxiliary microphone 3.5mm jack plug
Controls - power on - slide switch
Output voltage DC 12V
Battery life 8 hours min
Dimensions 275(w)x250(h)x110(d)mm
Weight 0.8KG

The portable loop system is simply placed between you and the Hearing Loss individual. You switch on the unit and talk to the hearing loss individual. Your voice is picked up by the internal microphone (located on the back of the unit) and then converted to a magnetic field which radiates for a maximum of 1.2m (3.9ft). The hearing loss individual then switches their hearing aid to the “T” position to convert the magnetic field back into audio.