Hearing Aids and Hearing Loops May Help Preserve Hearing

More and more research is demonstrating that preserving hearing through the use of hearing aids and hearing loops is becoming increasingly important for overall lifelong wellness.

Research has shown that people who address hearing loss issues via the use of hearing aids and hearing loops actually experience reduced levels of hearing loss as compared to individuals with hearing loss who don't wear hearing aids consistently.  The reason for this is believed to be a reduction in the atrophy of the nerves in the brain which process hearing.  In an article from Harvard Health, the author emphasizes, "maintaining a good level of hearing can slow further hearing loss by keeping the brain attuned to signals from the auditory nerves."

Additionally, the appropriate and consistent use of hearing aids and hearing loops can greatly help reduce the level of fatigue and strain experienced by individuals with hearing loss.  In fact, new hearing aid technologies like Voice iQ are focusing on this by developing hearing aids which can better filter speech from background noise, making the wearer much more comfortable and relaxed, especially in public settings.  This allows people to maintain their social interactions, which is shown to have an increased positive effect on overall health as well.

If you or someone you love is living with hearing loss it's important to maintain consistent use of a good hearing aid, tuned properly, and in conjunction with hearing loop technologies as often as possible.  It's good to advocate for those living with hearing loss because it can help improve their enjoyment of life and overall health in the long term.