Advocate for Hearing Loop Systems in Transportation Hubs

Traveling can be stressful for even the most seasoned business person or globetrotter.  Arriving late to the airport or train terminal due to traffic, delays in security lines, misunderstandings during check-in, and navigation the large venues are just some of the stressors we all experiences when traveling.

Imagine these same stressors, which are manageable with all faculties, but exacerbated by hearing loss.  Imagine having to "watch" among seven or eight stations for which TSA agent is next available because you can't hear when called.  Imagine having to stay alerted to the boards constantly in the event there is a gate or time change that will affect your itinerary.  Imagine attempting to communicate with a ticket or boarding agent about needing accommodations or assistance.

With the advances in assistive listening technologies, and especially the advances in hearing loop technology, there really is no reason that public transportation hubs are not all looped for the benefit of those with hearing loss who have t-coil enabled hearing aids, or portable loop receivers.

While there are more and more people beginning to advocate for those living with hearing loss, it's important that we all make our voices heard on this issue.  When you are in a public transportation venue such as the airport, bus terminal or train station, go ahead and notice whether you see hearing loop signage, and if you don't it's ok to ask an official, or make your thoughts on the issue known.  Until we begin seeking change and support for those living with hearing loss, we can't expect public officials to know how important it is for the safety and dignity of our family members, friends and neighbors who are living with hearing loss.