Social Pressures on Individuals Living with Hearing Loss

Did you know that many individuals with hearing loss will simply not disclose that they need some assistance in social settings?  Even with the advances in assistive listening technologies, many individuals still feel insecure about their hearing loss because of the many misconceptions and preconceived notions people have. posted a great article recently about the many radical and unfounded beliefs most people have about individuals with hearing loss, including that it is associated with lower intelligence levels, it is intentional, it's contagious, or that it ALWAYS happens to people who are old (and should therefore simply be accepted).

In the past, the stigma associated with hearing loss as something to be avoided has caused many individuals to keep their hearing loss a secret.  However, as technologies improve, we are hopeful that more individuals with hearing loss will advocate for themselves, and more and more people will be willing to advocate for those they love who are experiencing hearing loss.

The installation of hearing loops in more public venues like check-out counters and ticket windows, consultation counters, transportation centers, and performing arts venues, is making hearing loss less "inconvenient" because it provides confidence, anonymity and inclusion for every individual.  We're hopeful that as time goes by, more and more people and organizations will become aware of the availability of hearing loops, and work to provide inclusion for everyone.