Can Ignoring Hearing Loss Increase Health Care Costs?

Recent research has shown that individuals who invest in treating their hearing loss spend significantly less on health care overall than those who don't.  But what's the correlation?

According to researcher Annie Simpson, "hearing loss puts patients at a disadvantage when it comes to medical care, which could translate into higher medical costs in the long run."  The theory is partly based on the stressful nature of a patient trying to communicate with a provider, and so avoiding necessary appointments.  Additionally, it is believed that many patients fail to truly understand the instructions given by the provider, and so fail to comply with the prescribed plan of treatment.

These findings demonstrate that hearing loss CAN have a significant on not only the financial cost of ignoring hearing loss, but the negative impact it can have on the health of the individual as well.  In fact, an email was sent to AARP to advocate for earlier adoption of hearing aids and the treatment of hearing loss in an effort to help people reduce their need for health care intervention, and their eventual increase costs as well.

You can read the full article here.