We install to IEC specs, and repair existing systems.  We fix sub-standard and low quality existing loops, and provide your venue or home with a loop system of the highest quality, installed and tested to IEC standards.  

 Hearing Loss Doesn't Have to Mean Exclusion.

Hearing Loss Doesn't Have to Mean Exclusion.

I highly recommend this company and their entire staff. People in the office were always courteous and more than helpful. Juan Escobedo was outstanding before, during and after the installation of our hearing loop. Not only did he complete the work efficiently and professionally, he made sure our loop was in our sanctuary in time for our Easter service. Our entire congregation has benefitted from having a hearing loop because when our folks with hearing disabilities are able to hear the Word of God more clearly, we all hear it more clearly.
— -Rev. Dr. Kathy Rooke Faith Family United Church of Christ, Brandon

Hearing Loop Systems

The benefit of this technology is that it allows the sound source of interest—whether a musical performance or a speaker's conversation—to be transmitted to the hard of hearing listener clearly and free of other distracting noise in the environment.

  • 80% of all hearing aids sold already have T-coil
  • Hearing Loops provide anonymity and convenience in business, legal and medical settings
  • When Hearing Loops are installed your entire audience gets the complete message
  • No bulky equipment to wear or carry
  • User merely flips the T-Coil switch on their hearing aid to activate the functionality
  • Unlimited number of users are support in the Hearing Loop
  • Loop systems are extremely reliable and require almost no maintenance
  • Intercom Hearing Loop Systems provide confidentiality and dignified communication
  • Each entrance to a hearing looped enabled area will be identified with the universal symbol for Hearing Loop Installations shown below

This signage can help demonstrate your commitment to your patrons, clients, customers, and patients.

This is the universal Signage for a Hearing Loop.  If you have seen this it means the facility is equipped with a Hearing Loop. If you don't see this sign and think the facility needs a system installed refer them to these great resources which help demonstrate the importance of Hearing Loops.  Contact a licensed, experienced professional at IWS today to learn more about hearing loop installation. (813) 333-6557  or email us at                 info@indoor-wireless-solutions.com

Research demonstrates that hearing loop systems dramatically improved consumer experience.  Using hearing aids with a hearing loop system increases customer satisfaction.

I didn’t have to work so hard to hear the speaker”
“In a loop I don’t need to read the captions”
”I would not attend (meetings, church services etc) if they did not have a loop”
“No more need to read lips”
“Feels like I have normal hearing”
“The clarity in a loop is amazing”
“I could hear things my wife could not hear”
“So much better I cried

Actual responses from hearing aid users when asked to describe the difference a Hearing Loop made in their experience at a venue.  In fact, in a recent study, nearly 7 out of 10 subjects indicated hearing loop systems significantly improved sound quality, speech intelligibility, concentration, and reduced background noise.

Installing an Induction Loop System demonstrates your commitment to improved quality of service and care for your clients, patrons, employees, and patients.

Looping a facility shows a commitment to improve the lives of the hard of hearing. Whether it be a place of worship helping its members hear services clearly or a classroom where a student can finally hear the professor’s lesson, looping encourages the hard of hearing to engage in activities and be participants. No longer do they have to feel excluded or isolated. Looping makes your facility desirable for the hard of hearing to patronize.

Tax Incentives!

The Disabled Access Credit

The Disabled Access Credit is designed to help businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is available to eligible small businesses whose gross receipts did not exceed $1,000,000 for the preceding taxable year or who employed no more that 30 full-time employees during the preceding year. The tax credit is equal to 50% of the "eligible access expenditures" that exceed $250 but do not exceed $10,250 for a taxable year. Contact your Tax professional for more information.

For More information about ADA guidelines and Tax Incentives Click Here!

Loop almost anything

  • Living rooms
  • Dining rooms
  • Patios
  • Rec rooms
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Movie Theaters
  • Concert Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Conference Rooms
  • Bank and Pharmacy Windows
  • Senior Facility Common areas

Our Trained professional technicians install your new system to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard.  All services include a 1 year limited warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.